The Nourishment of Creativity

Compassionate Presence Magnifies Beauty


Today I will go back in time to just after I was first attuned to Level 3and was practicing setting my Compassionate Presence as described in the exercise. At that time I was still married. My mother-in-law came to town and we all went one afternoon to a Spoleto performance. This Spoleto festival is an annual one in Charleston, SC that brings artistic talent from all over the world. The Piccolo Spoleto part of it is where local arts groups also perform, often for free. This particular performance that we attended was by a local college where a group of violinists and a choral group performed together.

I remember as we sat in the audience and waited for the performance to begin that I reinforced my Compassionate Presence. Then the concert started and I was enthralled from the beginning. The love and wonder of the violinists and voices of the chorale group overwhelmed me and I had to fight back tears. It was so wonderful and awesome! I really could tell how Compassion reveals the Love in all things.

It was such an extraordinary experience and my first time seeing the extent of what my Compassionate Presence could do – how it changed my experience of the world into something magnificent. I never want to forget that experience because of how beautiful it was. It was magical!